(Size of regulation baseball compared to Jugs small ball.)

Jugs Sports is a true leader in the pitching machine field and the Small-Ball machine is another exceptional product in their lineup. The value and performance is amazing.  I've owned this product for years and I can't say enough about how useful this machine is. Here's why:

1) this is a 1 person product! Set-up, breakdown, transport and automatic feeder mean no waiting/hoping for a second person to hit, let alone consistently throw strikes.
2) you get the opportunity to hit and train using a foam-like ball meaning great for indoors and no tunnel netting necesary.  Safe for indoors means year round use.
3) using a ball smaller than a baseball really trains hand-eye coordination.  Baseballs and Softballs will seem like beach balls.
4)  construction is really top-notch.  This is a machine with a quiet motor, easy to operate, a small footprint and is light. The machine attaches to a very stable and sturdy steel tripod.
5)  from 20 feet it is like facing an 80+mph fastball.  It also features a curveball setting.
6)  the automatic feeder (which holds 25 Jugs small balls) means you get a great round of batting practice in.  It will throw a ball about every five seconds.
7) very affordable alternative to batting cage style pitching machines and doesn't require nearly as much space or safety precaution.

Review by Eric Claro